How to run a project with CINTAL ?


(May 1,09)





It is actually quite simple to run a project with CINTAL! Any individual, with good ideas and the correct information about open calls and programme guidelines (that may be provided by CINTAL services) is able to make a preliminary project proposal.

That project proposal is submited to CINTAL's appreciation (3/4 days) through its General Director and upon approval signed and sent to the finnancing institution.

CINTAL offers:

  • information about programmes and open calls
  • guidelines for proposal preparation
  • administrative support for project management
  • Online cost reports for project coordinator control
  • preparation of cost reports
  • freedom in purchase of consumables and equipment (no public biding rules)
  • flexible fellowships for personnel handling
  • administrative support for organization of conferences and workshops
CINTAL requires:
  • overheads: generally 10%-20% of project costs depending on administrative load.

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