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Acoustic Oceanographic Buoys (AOB)
A tool for understanding the ocean, S.M.Jesus, September 26, 2003.

    The concept of using air dropped sonobuoys for geo-acoustic inversion is an old idea at SiPLAB, subject of several project proposals at national and at EU level. The consortium formed under the AOB-REA Joint Research Project (AOB-REA JRP) planned to use an easy to deploy oceanographic-acoustic system for water column and bottom inversion to further inclusion into REA predictions. CINTAL has committed to SiPLAB the conception and assembling of a first prototype of a system with the following capabilities:
    • easy to handle and deploy system tending to the size, weight and autonomy of a standard sonobuoy
    • several depth modulable wideband acoustic and non-acoustic channels (thermistors, depth sensors,...)
    • onboard GPS for time and location reference
    • fast remote communications for data online monitoring and data transmission
    This first protoype was developed under project LOCAPASS in the period Oct 2002 - June 2003 and tested at sea during the MREA'03 sea trial from 18-26 June, organized by Saclantcen, off the coast of Italy near Elba I.
    The AOB is planned to be used for REA, tomographic and underwater communications applications.

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  AOB on deck preparation aboard
  R/V Alliance(Elba I. June 23, 2003).

  The AOB at sea during the
  MREA'03 sea trial.
  (June 21, 2003)