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As a contract research organization CINTAL provides a link within the innovation chain between fundamental research as a source of knowledge and pratical application as the use of knowledge which can be commercially exploited.


  • Acoustic-Oceanographic Buoy (AOB - system)

    An inteligent multifunctional sonobuoy for: Acoustic REA, UComs, source localization and Global Underwater positioning.
    Air deployable, reconfigurable and multifunctional using a netcentric concept for optimal spatial 3D coverage.
    Online data monitoring on every buoy, data inversion and merging with coincident environmental data for nowcast and short term forecast in small coastal areas... more


  • Management of scientific projects
    Cintal has acquired a solid experience on the management of fundamental and applied research projects with the Fundation for Science and Technology (FCT) - Praxis, CERN and PDCTM programs - and the Fundation of Portuguese Universities (FUP). At european level CINTAL worked under the 5FP (programs INCO, EESD and IST).

  • Consultancy in underwater acoustics
    for Defense systems and ocean exploration using underwater acoustics.

  • Advanced courses in underwater acoustics
    dedicated to a wide audience of graduate attendees from a variety of areas of expertise such as geophysists, mechanical and electrical engineers with interest in ocean science, oceanographers, navy officers, etc...

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  AOB system application scenario.

  Testing AOB 1 in real world
  conditions (Elba I., Italy, 23/Jun/03).