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(May 1,09)





CINTAL regularly opens positions for new jobs and fellowships offered under starting or ongoing R&D activities.

Fellowships are generaly assigned by project coordinators or by a scientific board under terms and conditions set forth by the specific programme under which the project is finnanced. There are three types of fellowships: research assistant (PhD student level), postdoc or invited scientist.

For general purpose fellowships (for example under european projects) a contract is signed between the candidate and CINTAL with a 6 month term, for an amount specified by the project coordinator and in agreement with common practice under CINTAL. For national projects under FCT (Technology and Science Foundation) there his a set of rules as guidelines for fellowships attribution and management. In all cases, fellowships benefitiate from a accident insurance and also a minimum health coverage in the case of FCT fellowships.

Visit the News link for an update on current offers.

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