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How to prepare a new project through Cintal

The first thing is to get acquainted with the requirements of the financing institution (e.g. FCT, EU, etc...). In case you need help, Cintal keeps updated files with the descriptions of the various work programmes, evaluation rules, etc... of the different programmes with which Cintal has been working in the last years (FCT: PDCTM, FACC, CERN, etc... and for EU: IST and EESD - see here). Here is a list with the necessary steps for project submission under CINTAL:

  • send a message to Cintal announcing that you are preparing a proposal that you intend to submit under Cintal
  • fellowship estimates are those of FCT (see here) + 120 euros for SS and insurance. Also include costs of trips and removals for possible foreign candidates.
  • contact Cintal's secretariat for filling official forms and signature.
  • upon submission leave one copy of the project proposal with the secretariat.

Which support can I get from Cintal ?

Most of the services of Cintal are on the project administration page while Cintal's secretariat is always ready to help. When requiring help from Cintal provide all details regarding the issues involved and allow enough time to get signatures, checks, other payments or signed forms, etc...

How can I get pocket money for small project expenses ?

Uppon request, a certain amount of pocket money can be given to the project coordinator for direct purchase of small project expenses. Expenses are automatically reimboursed uppon presentation of receipts. Receipts should be entitled to CINTAL, with fiscal # 502603631.

How do I know about the financial status of my project ?

The project administration page provides a monthly updated overview of the financial status of your project by means of a login into a dedicated directory. For other details you may get in touch with the secretariat.

How do I purchase equipment with Cintal ?

Unless otherwise specified by the finacing institution, Cintal considers equipment every item that is justifiable, under normal usage, to last for more than 3 years. Computers are considered equipment. Computer upgrades that do not significantly change the main characteristics of the original computer (e.g. memory, hard disks, boards, etc...) are considered consumables. However, as an exampl, changing a single CPU motherboard to a double CPU motherboard is considered to fall into the equipment category.
The project coordinator sends a request to Cintal with the details of the required equipment to be purchased. Cintal's secretariat will perform a bid for equipment purchase upon instructions of the project coordinator (equipment description, companies to be contacted, etc...).

How to plan and get reimboursed from trips ?

Before performing a trip you can contact Cintal's secretariat to make reservations (hotel, train, flights,...). Before leaving you can get a travel advance based on the expenses to be incurred during the trip. Upon return, a travel claim will be filed and balance will be reimboursed. There are PDF fill-in forms for both the advance request and the travel claim. Reimboursement is based on the following rule: travel itself is separated from other expenses (hotel, food, etc..). Travel includes flights, train, rent-a-car, own car usage based on a km rate, highway tools, etc... You always need a receipt to be reimboursed (except for the own car). For the other expenses you have two possibilities: either on a perdiem basis or on a actual costs basis. Actual values of reiboursement for km and perdiem are given on the PDF fill-in form for travel claim.

How do I pay services from project funds ?

That is easy. You just contract the amount with the person performing the work and then fill the respective fill-in PDF for services. Be sure to follow the rules of the institution financing your project, in case you need advice contact Cintal's secretariat.

I need to purchase an item abroad: how do I do that ?

Three solutions:1) provide Cintal's secretariat with address of seling company and item description; 2) if a purchase through the internet is possible you can do it yourself from your project pocket money (see How can I get pocket money), but be sure to get an invoice on Cintal's name and with fiscal #502603631. Unfortunately that is not always easy so there is the last alternative which is 3) ask Cintal to make the purchase through the internet using Cintal's credit card.

How do I contract personnel ?

First you need to have funds to pay personnel on your project. Generally you have to follow the rules for personnel contracting of your financing institution. Cintal's secretariat can help you on that. In general Cintal's contracting rules are as follows: 1) the project coordinator selects the type of fellowship required; 2) Cintal advertises the position for a certain period of time; 3) the project coordinator selects the candidate and 4) the candidate signs a fellowship agreement with Cintal. Amounts for fellowships are generally those of FCT. If justified these amounts can be changed by the project coordinator. These generic rules can be found on Cintal's fellowship regulation.

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