Centro de Investigação Tecnológica do Algarve




General Dispositions

Article 1


This Regulation, aproved by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology under Portuguese Law no. 123/99, from April 2, is applied to the CINTAL fellowships for prosecution of scientif research activities, technological development or formation connected with this area.

Article 2

Fellowship Types

The type of fellowships to be conferred are:

  1. Post-doc;
  2. Research assistant;
  3. Research initiation.
Article 3

Post-doc fellowships

The post-doc fellowships are reserved to candidates that hold a PhD degree obtained, in Portugal or abroad, in or related scientific area to that mentioned in the fellowship annoucement.

Article 4

Research Assistant fellowships

The research assistant fellowships are reserved to graduate candidates in or related scientific area to that mentioned in the fellowship annoucement.

Article 5

Research Initiation fellowships

This type of fellowships is reserved to undergraduate with the experience and motivation required to prosecute the indispensable work under the project that creates the fellowship position.


Fellowship attribution procedure

Article 6


CINTAL fellowships are open to portuguese and foreigner citizens.
The call for fellowship applications is advertised at CINTAL and Universidade do Algarve's premises, it will be sent to FCT and advertised in the internet.

Article 7

Application Documentation

The fellowship requests are introduced by means of aa application and shall be followed by the following documentation:

  1. Fellowship candidate's updated Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Name, address, email and telephone number of two references;
  3. Copies of paperd, reports or other relevant publications;
  4. Memorandum presenting the possible candidate's contribution to the project or scientific area under consideration.


Article 8

Evaluation of the Candidates

The evaluation of the candidates takes into account their merit and his/her potential ability to contribute to the prossecution of the project under consideration. The valuation panel may decide to perform an interview with the fellowship candidate(s).

Article 9

Application Results Disclosure

The results of the evaluation will be disclosed on the 30 weekdays after the deadline for application by means of a written notice.
After the release and communication of the final results the fellowship candidate has 10 weekdays to claim/appeal from this decision to CINTAL

Article 10

Acceptance Term

On the 10 weekdays following the grant communication, the fellowship candidate has to confirm his/her acceptance in writing as well as the grantís effective starting date previously agreed with CINTAL. The grant starting will coincide with the signature of the Acceptance Term Form foreseen on Article 12 of this regulation.

Article 11

Fellowship Holder Statutes

  1. The fellowship holder statutes given by de Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, under article 3 of Portuguese Law no. 123/99, from April 20, is effective at the grantís starting date by means of a declaration of that Institution;
  2. CINTAL will be authorized to emit for its fellowship holders all the documents concerning the fellowship holder statutes under the law referred to in a).



Fellowship Rules

Article 12

Acceptance Term Form

The fellowship is confered as a grant, under the conditions of a written Acceptance Term Form signed in duplicate by the fellowship holder.
The Acceptance Term Form shall hold the following:

  1. Fellowship holderís identification and address;
  2. Type of conferred fellowship;
  3. Indication of the working address, respective work programme and scientific coordinator of the project;
  4. Indication of the starting and ending dates of the fellowship;
  5. Indication of the existence of an individual accident insurance;
  6. Indication of the existence or not of voluntary social security payment;
  7. Celebration date.
Article 13


  1. The fellowship may be renewed for additional periods until the maximum duration;
  2. The renewal request, followed by the acomplished work report, future work programme and the project's coordinator or responsible report, shall be introduced until 60 weekdays before the fellowship ending date;
  3. The fellowship renewal does not requires the signature of a new Acceptance Term Form.

Article 14


Each fellowship holder can only receive the same fellowship type once, he/she can not simultaneously benefitiate of any other fellowship unless there is an agreement between the financing institutions.
The duties of the fellowship holder are fulfilled under the exclusiveness regime, in agreement with the article 8 of Portuguese Law no. 123/99, from April 20.

Article 15

Changes to the Work Programme

Changes to the work programme depend from CINTAL's authorization, it shall be followed by a report of the coordinator or responsible of the work of the fellowship holder.

Article 16

Reference to the Financial Support

All work performed by the fellowship holder must refer to CINTAL's financial support.


Financial Conditions of the Fellowship

Article 17

Fellowship Components

According to the fellowship type and to the fellowship holder's situation, the fellowship may include the following components:

  1. Monthly maintenance allowance;
  2. Compensation for the Social Security charges, corresponding to the first step referred on article 36 of Portuguese Law no. 40/80, from February 1, upon proof of payment provided by the fellowship holder;
  3. Travel costs per diem, when duly authorized, according to the CINTAL's reimborsement table;
  4. Installation allowance according to the principles and ammounts applied by FCT;
  5. It is not due, in any case, food allowance, Christmas vacation allowance or any other allowance not expressly foreseen on this Regulation.

Article 18

Amounts of the Fellowship Components

The amount of the fellowship components are those of the FCT table according to the following relation:

  1. Fellowship of type Art. 2 a) - FCT's post-doc fellowship;
  2. Fellowship of type Art. 2 b) - FCT's PhD fellowship;
  3. Fellowship of type Art. 2 c) - FCT's research initiation fellowship.

Article 19

Periodicity of Payment

The payments due to the fellowship holders are made monthly, through a bank check or bank transfer.

Article 20

Other Benefits

The fellowship holder benefits of an individual accidents insurance.
The fellowship holder may, upon request, benefit of the Social Security regime under the terms refered on article 6 of Portuguese Law no. 123/99, from April 20.


Cancel and Ending of the Fellowships

Article 21

Final Report

The fellowship holder must present, in the next 30 days after the fellowship ending, a final report of the developed activities, including the communications and publications that result of the referred activity.
This final report should include a small note of agreement from the fellowship scientific coordinator.

Article 22

Non-fulfillment of the Objectives

The fellowship holders that do not reach the approved work objectives or of whom the fellowship was canceled due to serious infringement of his/her duties by an imputed cause to him/her, may be obliged to refund the amounts already received.

Article 23

Cancellation of the Fellowship

  1. The fellowship may be canceled, by justified decision of CINTAL when it is verified the nonfulfiling of the fellowship holder's duties reported on this Regulation and on Portuguese Law no. 123/99, from April 20;
  2. Without prejudice of that disposed on the penal code, it still implies the fellowship cancellation, to undertake false statements by the fellowship holder over subjects relevant to the fellowship's grant or to the judgement of its development.
  3. The facts that rise the fellowship cancellation are reported by CINTAL to the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, so that the fellowship holder statutes will be canceled.
  4. The fellowship may be canceled by CINTAL by obvious nonfulfilment of the work programme approved at the beginning of the fellowship grant. CINTAL will inform the fellowship holder by means of a registered letter with a 30 days notice prior to cancellation.



Final Dispositions

Article 24

Missing Cases

The missing cases on this regulation are resolved attending to the principles and rules present on Portuguese Law no. 123/99, from April 20.

Article 25

Coming into force

The present Regulation comes into force immediately.